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Gondwana is the name given to an ancient supercontinent.

It is believed to have sutured between about 570 and 510 million years ago (Mya), joining East Gondwana to West Gondwana.

(3.9 Billion Years since the Birth of Earth, and 2.9 Billion Years since Microorganisms Formed)The earth was completely covered in Ice.

Snowball Earth Choanoflagellate are a group of free-living unicellular and colonial flagellate eukaryotes considered to be the closest living relatives of the animals.

Galaxy z is 13.1 billion years old, only about 700 million years younger than the universe. That was when the Moon Formed, the Moon was twice as close then it is now causing 10,000 ft. (1.5 Billion Years since the Birth of Earth) - 2.4 billion years ago, oxygen in the atmosphere suddenly increased by about 10,000 times in just 200 million years.

Ocean organisms and primitive animals start to evolve.

Over the following 70 to 80 million years, the rate of diversification accelerated by an order of magnitude and the diversity of life began to resemble that of today.Pangaea started braking apart about 200 million years ago.G Plates Earth Byte India broke away from the other fragments of Gondwana and began moving north.Gondwana formed prior to Pangaea, and later became part of it.

Continental Drift - Earths Surface Dinosaurs go extinct.The Scale of the Universe from Big to Small (youtube) The Scale of the Universe from Small to Big (youtube) NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD) The Scale of the Universe - Interactive (manual control scale) Sizes (nano) Stars and Galaxies started to form.

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