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I miss certain things but in the process of discovering who I am I also discovered the church is NOT true.

Not a bad organisation and does some very good things along with many good memories but no longer for me. I am no longer alone, still have a relationship with God and believe it or not I have the holy ghost with me even though in my letter I was told I was not worthy. , June 22, 2014 My mom used to use Mormon doctrine to justify the abuse she put my family through.

Please add yourself to The Black Sheep Roster by sending an email to webmaster --at-- with your story.

For suggestions on resigning your church membership click Mormon No , September 2011 My handle explains why.

Did not believe I would cope but guess what - I have and have never been happier.

When I saw what I was becoming, and what the 15 Apostates had become, I realized this was not the way of the Nazari that Jesus lived by.

But I didn't stop there, investigating the origin of religion in earliest history.

As I'm grieving the death of the woman who was essentially my second mother (and who played a bigger role in raising me than my birth mother did), this obese asshole decided that this moment was the opportune time to call me out in front of the ward for being a less than stellar Mormon. I'm sure he was looking to shame me (and maybe hoped I'd return to the church), but instead it had the opposite effect.

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All it did was anger me and solidify my belief that the church itself was shameful.

The fall began when I worked for the Portland Oregon Temple.