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24-Oct-2017 09:40

Stu Bykofsky has been a columnist with the Daily News since 1987.He has been features editor, theater critic, TV critic, and gossip columnist.

You can think of Ona as taking that idea to the next level.

thank you so much, I'm hopeful it will work out this time...

In a world where many singles are digital natives, it's becoming increasingly easy to swipe for a date, rather than look up from our devices and notice all of the dateable people physically surrounding us every day.

He supports animal causes, civil rights, and fair play, and opposes political correctness, bicycles on the sidewalk, and most other forms of selfishness and stupidity.

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She got a lot of embarrassing attention after suing a dating service that promised her introductions to wealthy, high-profile bachelors for the purpose of canoodling and maybe more.

However, he said they’ve seen interest from younger users too; you can be in your 20s and already feel, “I need so much help.” One more thing about that user base: They’re required to connect through their Linked In or Facebook profiles, and Ona also performs criminal background checks, so you can feel a bit more safe in going on that date.