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I tried not to stare but he caught me looking and smiled. He knelt in front of me, pulled my feet out of shoes and pants and took my cock in his mouth.

Frank walked over to me and asked "Like what you see? " With that he lifted my shirt over my head and began to unbuckle my pants and pull them down. He licked and sucked for a few minutes before getting up and saying "I've had a rough day, I need a shower and I think you do too." Frank took me by the hand and led me into the bathroom.

Since I was only 18 and looked 15, I didn't think any bar would serve me - I had certainly tried it often enough during my freshman year.

"No problem", he said, "I live quite close and have plenty of liquor. " I had developed a real taste for scotch my freshman year so I quickly agreed to accompany him.

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The pain had receded to the background and I felt a fullness I had never known.I could not believe I was sucking a man's cock and enjoying it.